Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hassels of everyday.

How many smart devices do you own? One, two ? More than two ?

The age of information is here, and we've heard time and again that information is power. If you can hack into a cloud service(like the recent iCloud hack) you can implore into the personal lives of all the users of the service. It has come to this, saving our personal moments in the digital format where we have less or no control over it. Handling more than one computing device these days is no more considered nerdy, it's what you do and because you just have to do it. I was working as a freelance journalist, I used to write when I commute to and from the office. How did I do that? The work involves translation of News contents. Using my Smartphone to display the content I typed in my Blackberry Playbook tablet. Sometimes there's a problem with the auto-correct functionality, especially while typing in the names. But, the suggestions feature on the tablet is very useful, if you ever have a problem with the spelling of big words like Autodidact-ism, the in built dictionary will find that word and suggest the various forms of the word like : Autodidact, Autodidacts, and Autodidact-ism.

There was a time when I used a watch, it's far long in the past; now, I'll slip my hand in my pant pocket and get my mobile press the lock key to wake up the screen and will look at the time. The only thing that bugs me everyday is the limited power sockets, I mean like everywhere. You need to search for power sockets, if at all you find one you need to wait for ever for the mobile to charge, then came the power banks and you need to charge them for long too. There is a lame way of charging your mobile phone, you might have thought of the technology as an amazing one! But, it's just isn't that practical, Wireless Charging. The technology is new of course, but you simply need to put your smatphone down on a charging plate. But, using the old charging method(wired) one can still use the mobile to play games, listen to songs, chat and a whole lot. The only hope I have now in this charging issue is the company Storedot, they say their technology can help a battery charge to its full capacity in mere thirty seconds. Let's say you're in a hurry you can't find the charger, it's going to be a rough time to find the Quick-charger and have to plug it in. I have one suggestion, apply that wireless charging technology with that of quick charging technique voila! You just need to rest your phone onto a plate for thirty seconds and done!

Monday, December 15, 2014


I've had quite a fuzzy memory of my life, I'm not dead! I am still living, still the memory of my past is so fuzzy as the life I've been living was on the fast lane...

I always wanted to slow down!!!

But, watching a lot of movies,TV shows and especially comedies will fry your memory and mind. You'll need to sit and think a lot while to come up with something meaningful to say, that is a non-funny thing :)

Recently I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who episodes, I'm upto the third season, The Tenth Doctor David Tennant is just brillian!! miss Billi pepper though :(

but, rewatching Boyhood was amazing, it is the movie; it's like a slice of life..

I hope there's more of these movies coming in the future, I mean we don't want all the movies to be overwhelming....and just so ignorant on story detail...

Monday, November 24, 2014

SmartWatch a Luxury ?

Hows life been treating ya ??

It's been bumming me out lately, was wondering when Pebble will be available in my country (INDIA : )

Was waiting forever and finally when it was available, I realised that it wouldn't suit/pair up with my Windows Phone :(

Then came watches like Moto 360,iWatch etc., nothing caught my eye except the beautiful Microsoft Band. It was simple, stylish and definitely a marvel of a design.

Priced at 199.99 USD roughly 12k INR I was stunned,coz my mobile costs around 10k only :(  , do I need to buy a accessory that costs more than the main device ?

Still I was searching for places where I could see/try on a Microsoft Band, it turns out there isn't a Microsoft Store in India :(

I mean people like Jeff Bezos(Amazon CEO) Tommy Hilfiger are visiting India to promote thier brands and to find that we don't have a Microsoft Store was just depressing...

Also, when Tablets where announced the price drop was relatively quick compared to that of Smart Watches. I'm just wondering if at all the concept of SmartWatch will catch on and will it available for everyone ,,, and not just the elite ?

And why hasn't watch companies like Fastrack, Titan, Timex and Casio jumped onto the SmartWatch bandwagon ?

I wish the market will change soon, and SmartWatches will penetrate our lives just like SmartPhones in recent times.

All Hail Technology \m/